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Manual Noodle Maker
Manual Noodle Maker
Manual Noodle Maker

Manual Noodle Maker

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-Stainless steel pressing machine, health convenient, small and easy collection.
-Easy to come forward, you can disassemble, easy to clean.
-Mold all threaded port design, clockwise tighten, open counterclockwise.
-Different styles of mold, easy to make a variety of styles of noodles, to meet different needs.
-Handle the design in line with the human hand, grip more comfortable.

-And surface water, so the surface becomes soft, if the squeeze hard to add water to the surface and soft.
-Unscrew the lower cover and a good surface (fruit and vegetables) into the tube, twist the handle to squeeze the noodles and juice.
-Pressure surface device from the bottom of the water closer to a little better, directly into the boiling water pot, pressure surface contact with the bottom of the water -surface, noodles will fall off without separation.
-After the pressure surface will be used to open the immersion in water, scrubbing simple.

Product name: Noodle Maker
Material: Stainless steel and ABS plastic
Color: Silver
Size: Approx. 18x6cm/7.08"x2.36"
Number of mold: 2/5 Pcs

Package Include:
1 Set of Noodle Maker( Include 1xNoodle Maker, 2/5x mold)