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Simple Portable Gym Suspension trx Strap
Simple Portable Gym Suspension trx Strap
Simple Portable Gym Suspension trx Strap
Simple Portable Gym Suspension trx Strap

Simple Portable Gym Suspension trx Strap

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Do you ever feel guilty for not sticking to your workout program due to trips?
Say no more...We present you the world’s most portable fitness device – you can do the same exercises from gym, except now you can do them anywhere. Which means you’ll spend less time in crowded gyms and have more time to do what you love.

It really does fit in your pocket

That whole ‘gym in your pocket’ slogan isn’t just a catchy tag line. Highly compact and lightweight, the POCKET MONKII really is small enough to carry in your pocket and strong enough to carry you (supports up to 250lbs or 115kg)! And weighing in at under a pound, you’ll hardly notice it until you need it.

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A total body workout wherever you are

The robust and adaptable design enables a total body workout whether you’re at home, in a hotel, or outside. It can be quickly set up on any door in seconds and offers a complete bodyweight training system, so you can get creative with workouts and keep both your mind and your body engaged. Additionally, you can use it with the monkii app for over 300 workouts to suit all fitness levels.


A single adjustment point means no more unbalanced straps and a fast setup!


Ready, set, go

Exceptionally durable, portable and lightweight, the POCKET MONKII makes it a lot easier to keep your fitness goals on track when you’re traveling or simply short on time in your daily schedule. Super easy and quick to set up, you can leave the struggles for your workouts. No time spent on getting to the gym. No pricey monthly membership fees. No crowded spaces and waiting for equipment to become available. Just you and your inner monkii ready to let loose.

You shouldn’t have to activate beast mode just to get to the start of your workout. And with POCKET MONKII you don’t have to. If you want a highly portable fitness device that packs a punch, grab your own now.