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3 in 1 Smart Water Intake Tracker Bottle
3 in 1 Smart Water Intake Tracker Bottle
3 in 1 Smart Water Intake Tracker Bottle
3 in 1 Smart Water Intake Tracker Bottle
3 in 1 Smart Water Intake Tracker Bottle
3 in 1 Smart Water Intake Tracker Bottle

3 in 1 Smart Water Intake Tracker Bottle

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water intake tracker bottle

Ensure that your body is happy and healthy by keeping it hydrated with this 3 in 1Smart Water Intake Tracker Bottle.


  • Keep your skin and body hydrated: The sports water bottle has a 3 in 1 smart functionality. It reminds you to drink. It can produce fine mist to cool you off and moisturize your skin and air in your room. Its LED lights can help you to see things at night. The best companion for anyone and everyone.
  • Outstanding quality:Made with high-quality material, this smart bottle is durable and reliable. It is scratch and wear-resistant and comes with a super seal feature that prevents the water from leaking while maintaining the temperature.
  • Tracker and reminder:This smart bottle is designed to help you track your water intake and reminds you to drink every 2 hours. It ensures to keep you hydrated and healthy.
  • Good for your skin:This water intake tracking bottle also keeps your skin hydrated. It comes with a bottle spray feature that produces a mist that keeps your skin cool, smooth and hydrated. Perfect for those hot summer days.
  • Lights your way:This tracker bottle comes with bright LED lights that last 7 hours. Perfect for people who want to go for a late-night jog. Simply turn on its LED lamp and help it navigate your way. It is also usable as a nifty night lamp for your room.
  • Ideal for emergencies:This smart water bottle features a special SOS design that comes with an indicator lighting. It works as a guide lamp which helps the users in case they are lost, in danger or in need of help. Ideal for cyclists, mountain climbers, travelers, etc.
  • Easy handling:It comes with an anti-skid handle which makes it very easy to be carried anywhere with ease. Perfect for travelers, campers and outdoor adventurers.
  • Looks Good: It has a very fashionable and glossy look. Offered in 4 light and soothing colors. This smart bottle looks as incredible as it functions!

water intake tracker

smart bottle


  • Material: plastic
  • Color: blue, pink, light green, grey
  • Working voltage: DC 3.7V/18650 Lithium battery
  • Battery capacity: 1200mAh
  • Charging voltage/current: DC 5V/500mA
  • Working current: ¡Ü500mA
  • Rated power: ¡Ü2W
  • Electrostatic current: ¡Ü100uA
  • Bottle capacity: 400ml
  • Working time: ¡Ü3.5h (Only spraying after full-charge)
  • Working time: ¡Ü7h (Only Lighting after full-charge)
  • Working time: ¡Ü2.5 (Spraying + Lighting)
  • Standby time: ¡Ü180 days
  • Size: 25*8cm


  • 1x 3 in 1 Smart Water Intake Tracker Bottle

water bottle reminder

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