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Ultrasonic Dog Training
Ultrasonic Dog Training
Ultrasonic Dog Training

Ultrasonic Dog Training

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  1. Training Dogs:
    the product below the function switch to the middle file, press the button above the product switch BEAM. Please refer to the following remote control dog. 
  2. Driving Dogs:
    When the vicious dog, the function switch to the last file, aimed at the dog, press the BEAM button switch, the dog is panic or fled. 
  3. Lighting:
    the function switch to the first file, press the BEAM button can be used when the flashlight.

Customer Reviews

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Fast delivery, packaging of the doll, the device is working, tested on the flame of the candle and the recorder. later i will make a general button on because it is easy to press in my pocket. later i will write about the actions on the dogs and other living.


The quality of plastic is not at the height. And for that and the price. I'll check the dogs tomorrow or not. I'll add a comment later. Really works, strongly react evil dogs, passive not much but also run away.


It's been a month. It seems to turn on.


Works! Cats too! Already tortured one red cat :) thanks. Battery crown. Not included.


Hello, everybody! The parcel came to len. area for 4 weeks. There are no crowns in the kit, in the hand lies normally, though the battery cover easily flies. The lantern is bright, there are several modes of operation, in the modes of repeller squeaks, until i checked on dogs, i'll try, then i will write off. By the way, i returned some of the money back, with the help of cashback service. Here is the link https://letyshops . Ru/soc/sh-1/? r = 3016355 (remove the space before "ru"). Register, shop through this service to your favorite stores and get some money back to 30%. The seller recommend 100%. Good luck to everyone! Checked in the work on the yard dog, ran away, and the cat next to him, too, swinted at once)) effective meters with 5.