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ultrasonic pest repeller
ultrasonic pest repeller
ultrasonic pest repeller
ultrasonic pest repeller
ultrasonic pest repeller

ultrasonic pest repeller

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1. Model: New increased power ultrasonic repeller mosquito repellent

2. Use power: AC, AC 90-250V/50-60HZ

3. Product power consumption: <3w

4. Output power: 22-50kHZ

5. Effective coverage: 80-120m2


1. This unit should be installed 20-80cm from the ground and required to be plugged into the power socket perpendicular to the ground.

2. The installation point should try to avoid the sound-absorbing materials such as carpets and curtains to prevent the sound pressure from becoming smaller and affecting the insect repellent effect.

3. Within a few days before use, if the mice are found, the activity of pests and other activities is obviously increased, which is a normal phenomenon. Because the rats that are usually hiding in the nest, the pests are attacked by ultrasonic waves and electromagnetic waves, they flee their original hiding places.

4. Note: moisture-proof and waterproof.

5. Use ambient temperature: 0-40 degrees Celsius.

6. If placed in a warehouse or item stacking place, or on a multi-room floor, put a few more to increase the effect.

7. The effect of similar products at this stage is still less than 100%.

The application place of this product:

1. Cinemas, restaurants, supermarkets, hotels, etc., plagued by pest contamination.

2. Frequently encounter rats, grocery stores, clothing stores, food stores, furniture stores, etc.

3. Villa, home, air-conditioned home, office unit canteen and storage room.

Package Included:

1 x ultrasonic insect repeller